(re)form now and not yet form

Posted: April 30, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, poetry
don’t tell me show me politic
issue and action not infinite distraction
pattern democratic dialogue not schismatic sophistic
shared future modeling broad grassroots connection
cross old boundaries transform fractal compensation
don’t tell me show me politic
space shared is shared space duplication
pattern spiritual capital not polemic rhetoric
reform present structure blue print revision
don’t know how dig old wells
spells of fear invoke violent collision
stories of hope ring these bells
don’t tell me show me politic
love and faith form filled in
pattern deep humility leadership within civic
society needs structure delineate liminal within
soul damage reality pain fettered history
don’t tell me show me politic
bow not bound past narrative transparency
pattern i/we democracy new leadership synergic
no surrender mantra reconfigure role supplanter
open our heart eyes that see
desire other politic division healing encounter
don’t tell me show me politic
know the issue is not structural
pattern a table laid presence demonic
shared future reality brutal fact paradoxical


Posted: March 22, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, poetry

i heard a story over by the croi
a story of debauchery
if you weren’t listening
you now maybe
it was a story of a certain LTV

this is not now the time nor place
to expose here in cyberspace
the story might not be true
the mature response is likely grace
love that covers sin and profits peace

i heard the story from a ghost
lingering she was by the peace post
i know the story by her word
could be she is not one to trust
her eyes made me think i must

her retold hope was only to attend
liturgy where she might make amend
heard cries she had of joyful acclamation
attracted by such faciend
what she disturbed was anti-reverend

the alleged protagonist LTV
was co-participant in ecstasy
recreational was their use of the lord’s name
not faithful invocation of the same Almighty
as had assumed the said jumby

learn from the experience of the poltergeist
when venturing into the heart unannounced
shared space is space shared without demarcation

it is safer then to congregate post bell peel
come burning then with holy zeal
at other times perhaps one should knock
or at least announce an imminent reveal
by clarion voice, cough or clumsy arrival

prodigal (re)frame

Posted: March 20, 2013 in lectiodivina, poetry

Sibling rivalry
Anatopistic destiny
Traumatic history
Wandering discovery






Sibling scapegoating
Emotional outpouring
Anger simmering
Father modelling
False self resisting
True self transcending


Posted: March 16, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, poetry, reconfig

alone in the emptiness
are you there?
at one with the silence
are you here?

here i am
will you come?

love unfathomable
persons unknowable
god of cain and abel
are you there?

surrounded by darkness
restless in the stillness
deliver me from selfishness
will you come?

lost without presence
filled with the meaningless
teach me (no)thingness
Wisdom come

here in the taciturn
now strangely warmed
my heart does burn
false self succumbed

Growing Confidence

Posted: February 19, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, billy, flash

Billy is an angel
She is blue
Not because she is sad
She was made blue
Billy loves questions
This is her story


One day billy was asked to sing a solo

The thought of this made her very uncomfortable

Singing alone, a l l the heavenly creatures watching her

She imagined their many eyes drilling into her delicate being

She gave a little judder which made her halo sing!


Billy loved singing, but hidden among her friends

One voice in harmony with a company of voices

Not solo in f r o n t of everyone

“Why was this?” Whisper asked kindly


Immediately Billy saw a big word

c o n f i d e n c e 

Billy knew she was able but she wasn’t confident singing alone in front of everyone 

Would she get confused about the arrangement? Sing out of tune? Forget some of the words to Michael’s song?

“Probably not! So why am i afraid?” she pondered


“I sing to nations of their d e s i g n and d e s t i n y”

But standing solo in throne room before the Presence and all those eyes made Billy anxious

Whisper reminded her “Confidence is a choice that grows when we simply believe”

what is the worst that could happen billy t h o u g h t ?


As she sang even the big and sometimes grumpy angels cried with pure delight at the sound of Billy the blue angel singing

Billy still felt anxious but choosing c o n f i d e n c e was a turning point in the being of this little angel

m a y b e it could be for you t o o

Finding Freedom

Posted: February 19, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, billy, flash

Billy is an angel
She is blue
Not because she is sad
She was made blue
Billy loves questions
This is her story

Billy was always being ordered by the bigger angels where to be, what to say and do

Sometimes in a very grumpy manner they would tell her

“Announce that message here”, “Proclaim that there” or “Deliver this immediately!”

“What is the matter with them?” she wondered

In the busyness of angel work it seemed like there was never the freedom for Billy to slow down and follow her heart

To pause and enjoy the moment

Billy loved to watch, wonder, wait and worship

But she felt like she was just always too busy working

Delivering messages here, there and everywhere

She also had to fit in singing practice, halo maintenance, flying skills, navigation, celebration competency and learning about other important stuff only angels know about

Whisper interrupted her thought train saying “freedom is best learned in the midst of responsibilities, silence will be your teacher if you choose to practice”

Billy wasn’t sure that she agreed

She imagined arranging another party for her angel friends

Just a moment to have fun, be happy, to play, laugh and enjoy being together

Billy wanted to practice parties and announce the messages she was entrusted with

Whisper spoke gently “Billy you are free to choose to work and play. The freedom of now is a gift hidden inside each of us.”

Choosing to practice a silence that nurtures freedom was like a new day in the being of this little angel

Maybe it could be for you too

nailing (de)nial

Posted: November 14, 2012 in @SCRiMiE, ACACiA, poetry, reconfig

delineate difference enabled
embrace reconciliation renovate centre
new day old ways together navigate unknown
imagine cruciform k e n o t i c culture daily chapatti
anticipate heavens bread await intervention cathedra
lean into difficulty transcend disfunction renegotiate normal

decode healing paradigm division disabled
envision unknown innate pathways reconnoitre
negative perspective choose death or life crackdown
i we you me desire just words of peace do you know obligati
alleviate community distress re-couch shared f u t u r e exedra
lament sectarian d e n i a l distraction denied default catechismal

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