I’ve just had the privilege of spending two days immersed in the ‘Art of Hosting’ in the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft in Bristol. I’ve encountered AOH a few times, but it was beautiful to spend time in such an environment. Yet again, I find my self changed, challenged, stretched and inspired by love and relationship.
The weekend began with us checking in together with a simple, yet profound two-part question: why here? why now?

For me the answer to the first part was connected to the land itself. There are some places that are calling for new conversations. Stokes Croft is such a place and I felt a deep connection with it. The land itself was prepared and ready. Some places resist such conversations, and I don’t think we could have had the conversations we were having in the middle of Westminster, at least, not yet.

Why now? And…

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imgres As a family, we were down in Sussex over the weekend spending time with our best friends. Whilst there, I read a newspaper in which a local baptist minister was giving his reasons for standing as a UKIP candidate in the next elections. His reasons were really two fold. Firstly, he feels that UKIP will will help restore the UK to being a ‘Christian Nation’ and secondly he feels that the UK needs to be protected from a ‘bleak and intolerant Europe’.

Quite honestly, I am baffled! On his first point, my agreement lies entirely with Rowan Williams, who this week stated that the UK is post-christian. That is not to state that the UK does not have many christian principles under-girding its laws and organisational structures, it surely does. But that doesn’t make this a Christian Nation. The UK is, at best, a nation in which the majority of people…

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Noisy Neighbours

Posted: June 11, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, poetry

my neighbour she is noisy
does she agitate you or is it me

turbulent tidal tenacious
her power tempered dangerously gracious

daily she roars with lunar synchronicity
mesmerised by her potency

eyes wide open i wait in wonder
watch her ever-changing bed torn asunder

ripped ravaged reset
white horses reaching coastal target

a change in direction
two minds made one

diversity in unity
a sign of possibility

i love my neighbour
and she the sea knows me

(re)form now and not yet form

Posted: April 30, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, poetry
don’t tell me show me politic
issue and action not infinite distraction
pattern democratic dialogue not schismatic sophistic
shared future modeling broad grassroots connection
cross old boundaries transform fractal compensation
don’t tell me show me politic
space shared is shared space duplication
pattern spiritual capital not polemic rhetoric
reform present structure blue print revision
don’t know how dig old wells
spells of fear invoke violent collision
stories of hope ring these bells
don’t tell me show me politic
love and faith form filled in
pattern deep humility leadership within civic
society needs structure delineate liminal within
soul damage reality pain fettered history
don’t tell me show me politic
bow not bound past narrative transparency
pattern i/we democracy new leadership synergic
no surrender mantra reconfigure role supplanter
open our heart eyes that see
desire other politic division healing encounter
don’t tell me show me politic
know the issue is not structural
pattern a table laid presence demonic
shared future reality brutal fact paradoxical


Posted: March 22, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, poetry

i heard a story over by the croi
a story of debauchery
if you weren’t listening
you now maybe
it was a story of a certain LTV

this is not now the time nor place
to expose here in cyberspace
the story might not be true
the mature response is likely grace
love that covers sin and profits peace

i heard the story from a ghost
lingering she was by the peace post
i know the story by her word
could be she is not one to trust
her eyes made me think i must

her retold hope was only to attend
liturgy where she might make amend
heard cries she had of joyful acclamation
attracted by such faciend
what she disturbed was anti-reverend

the alleged protagonist LTV
was co-participant in ecstasy
recreational was their use of the lord’s name
not faithful invocation of the same Almighty
as had assumed the said jumby

learn from the experience of the poltergeist
when venturing into the heart unannounced
shared space is space shared without demarcation

it is safer then to congregate post bell peel
come burning then with holy zeal
at other times perhaps one should knock
or at least announce an imminent reveal
by clarion voice, cough or clumsy arrival

prodigal (re)frame

Posted: March 20, 2013 in lectiodivina, poetry

Sibling rivalry
Anatopistic destiny
Traumatic history
Wandering discovery






Sibling scapegoating
Emotional outpouring
Anger simmering
Father modelling
False self resisting
True self transcending


Posted: March 16, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, poetry, reconfig

alone in the emptiness
are you there?
at one with the silence
are you here?

here i am
will you come?

love unfathomable
persons unknowable
god of cain and abel
are you there?

surrounded by darkness
restless in the stillness
deliver me from selfishness
will you come?

lost without presence
filled with the meaningless
teach me (no)thingness
Wisdom come

here in the taciturn
now strangely warmed
my heart does burn
false self succumbed