Posted: March 22, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, poetry

i heard a story over by the croi
a story of debauchery
if you weren’t listening
you now maybe
it was a story of a certain LTV

this is not now the time nor place
to expose here in cyberspace
the story might not be true
the mature response is likely grace
love that covers sin and profits peace

i heard the story from a ghost
lingering she was by the peace post
i know the story by her word
could be she is not one to trust
her eyes made me think i must

her retold hope was only to attend
liturgy where she might make amend
heard cries she had of joyful acclamation
attracted by such faciend
what she disturbed was anti-reverend

the alleged protagonist LTV
was co-participant in ecstasy
recreational was their use of the lord’s name
not faithful invocation of the same Almighty
as had assumed the said jumby

learn from the experience of the poltergeist
when venturing into the heart unannounced
shared space is space shared without demarcation

it is safer then to congregate post bell peel
come burning then with holy zeal
at other times perhaps one should knock
or at least announce an imminent reveal
by clarion voice, cough or clumsy arrival

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