Finding Freedom

Posted: February 19, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, billy, flash

Billy is an angel
She is blue
Not because she is sad
She was made blue
Billy loves questions
This is her story

Billy was always being ordered by the bigger angels where to be, what to say and do

Sometimes in a very grumpy manner they would tell her

“Announce that message here”, “Proclaim that there” or “Deliver this immediately!”

“What is the matter with them?” she wondered

In the busyness of angel work it seemed like there was never the freedom for Billy to slow down and follow her heart

To pause and enjoy the moment

Billy loved to watch, wonder, wait and worship

But she felt like she was just always too busy working

Delivering messages here, there and everywhere

She also had to fit in singing practice, halo maintenance, flying skills, navigation, celebration competency and learning about other important stuff only angels know about

Whisper interrupted her thought train saying “freedom is best learned in the midst of responsibilities, silence will be your teacher if you choose to practice”

Billy wasn’t sure that she agreed

She imagined arranging another party for her angel friends

Just a moment to have fun, be happy, to play, laugh and enjoy being together

Billy wanted to practice parties and announce the messages she was entrusted with

Whisper spoke gently “Billy you are free to choose to work and play. The freedom of now is a gift hidden inside each of us.”

Choosing to practice a silence that nurtures freedom was like a new day in the being of this little angel

Maybe it could be for you too

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