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Corrymeela Qs

Posted: October 31, 2012 in poetry, reconfig

Community connections
Distracted distraction
Unspoken relation?

What are our questions?

Corrymeela infertile
Future denial
Shared dementia?

Account Deficit
Governance vacancy
80K or leadership?

Networked relationship
Cross-dressing Alastair
Feline disaster?

Roel purpose
Freedom chosen
Lotus rose?

What are our questions?

Vision mission
Strategy strategic
Culture toxic?

Wisdom discerned
Future hope
Faith led?

Elephant present
Awareness absent
Wisdom latent?

Fear Not
Story tell
Practice silence?

What are our questions?

Elijah Jack
Working hard
Not smart?

Missional priority
Vernacular clunky
Other equity?

Networked memory
Mini-skirts stranded
Stories stewarded?

Micro Projects?
Astute conjuring
Meaningful connection?

What are our questions?

growing confidence

Posted: October 27, 2012 in @SCRiMiE, billy

one day billy was asked to sing solo in front of the archangels and the heavenly creatures

the thought of this made her very uncomfortable

singing alone, everyone watching her

she imagined everyones attention fixed on her

she gave a little judder which made her halo sing!

billy loved singing, but in company, with others

she liked to sing hidden among her friends

one voice in harmony with many voices

not alone in f r o n t of e v e r y o n e

billy liked to watch not be watched

“why was this?” a voice inside her whispered

immediately she saw a big word

c o n f i d e n c e

billy knew she could sing

but she was not confident singing solo

would she make a mistake? sing out of tune? forget the words to some of Michael’s songs?

probably not, “so where does this fear come from” she thought to herself

“i sing hope over people and strength to those in need

but then in(the)visible no-one is watching me”

billy would be sent with messages to sing to nations of their design and destiny

but standing alone in the throne room, before a great crowd of others, was not billy’s idea of fun

the thought terrified her

the voice whispered again “confidence is a choice that grows when we simply believe”

“what is the worst that could happen” billy thought

as she sang before the crowd

even the big and sometimes grumpy angels cried with pure delight at the amazing sound of billy the blue angel singing

her songs were a gift to others that did them good

billy still felt anxious

but choosing confidence was a turning point in the being of this little angel

maybe it could be for you too!