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Somewhere or nowhere?

Posted: January 26, 2012 in @SCRiMiE

Somewhere or Nowhere

There once was a man going Somewhere. He had been travelling there for some time, on his journey he carried with him his most treasured possessions: openness; compassion; hospitality and hope.

Along the way he shared the journey with many companions. All were strangers to him when they first met and yet quickly their random encounters created the possibilities of relationship which transcends encounter.

His determination to reach his destination meant he did not take time to share his possessions with his roadside companions. One particular stranger was concerned about whether the man actually knew the directions to his destination. She was keen to help the sojourner and so pressed him about the names of other landmarks in the vicinity of Somewhere. The man resisted her attempts to assist, saying “I’ll know it when I get there! Somewhere is a place where openness; compassion; hospitality and hope belong.”

The young woman paused, before replying, “But such as these belong everywhere?”

Somewhere is nowhere but now.

Some time beyond now time

Posted: January 26, 2012 in @SCRiMiE

Once there were two identical sisters whose names were Pandora Some Time and Sophia Now Time. Tragically before their teens the twins were orphaned when both parents died before their time and this trauma shaped the identities of the growing girls.

Sophia loved to take time out so she could explore the opportunities and possibilities located within the moment even if this meant failing to do what was expected of her.

Pandora liked to meticulously schedule her day so that she could be sure to complete her chores and fulfil her duties during which time she would dream of some day when she hoped to be free to realise her hearts desire.

Not surprisingly these personality differences were a source of deep unspoken tension, Pandora longed for some time to talk about how she felt with Sophia but the time never seemed right.

One day their cousin Hercules visited and asked the sisters outright about the dynamic he perceived. Pandora was overwhelmed with relief and gratitude, that at last a time had come when she could tell her closest friend exactly what she had been bottling up within all this time.

Sophia was hurt and disorientated as she tried to take in what her sister was now sharing. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Pandora poured out her frustrations. Finally after some time of silence the sisters held one another and Sophia said “Don’t you know that you are my guide into our future some time possibilities; it is because of you that I hope for the fulness that is not yet in the now.”

Some time transcends the now anticipating the not yet.


what kind of world do we see?

…a peaceful and sustainable society

based on social justice,

positive relationships

and respect for diversity…

what structures, orders, offices, what people

children, youth, women, men

aged, sick, imprisoned, entrepreneurs

violent, employed, survivors, marginalised

do you sea?

what would it mean

for other, sister, brother, me

to experience deep transformation?

to hell with our differences

let’s share doxologies

get a life and get on with it

con(dis)tracted with descriptions

tasked to manifest

difference embraced

division healed

reconciliation enabled

what do we imagine?

a peace of transformation not truce

equity for all

a holding space for relationships

coherent models

creative methodology

innovative praxis

today or tomorrow?

a renewed people







shadows of our future selves

now or not yet?

where is the orthodox way?

learn or die

eat what you kill

no surrender

whole-hearted abandon

(mis)trust fear future destroyed

deny and follow

i did it my way

where will our pathways lead us?





gathered world with or without end





is the greatest love?

An open village still your heart

A place to see in part

Together invoke synergy of our parts

Transform our minds heal our hearts


Anticipating reconciliation enabled living in order

Alive in mimesis the wholly other

The way abeyant rivalry with others

Transcend our innate given religious (dis)orders


Anatopistic signs a kenotic power flow

Apocalypse desired freedom all might know

Talking heads resound but no-one knows

Taciturnity embraced wait (be)fore wisdom flows

(re) moving

Posted: January 16, 2012 in @SCRiMiE

An open village still your heart

A place for all see in part

Together more than the sum all our parts

Transform our minds heal our hearts


Anticipating reconciliation enabled living in order

Alive in mimesis with the wholly other

The way walked no more rivalry with others

Transcend the given religious orders


Anatopistic signs a different flow

Apocalypse desired freedom all might know

Talking heads resound but no-one knows

Taciturnity embraced wisdom flows