Kyrie Eleison

Posted: May 31, 2012 in @SCRiMiE, poetry

Kyrie Eleison

Wine o’clock leads me again to the cross roads
Knowing where the in-between corrodes
What the fuck is it all about?
Our indignation a silent shout
Structure stripped of power democracy exposed
The holy highway appears closed

Kyrie Eleison

Nations and their peoples rival on
Justified with or without their chosen canon
Is a peace of truce all that should be realistic?
Might a peace of transformation be optimistic rhetoric?
Who will model another way?
Does hope exist after the third day?

Kyrie Eleison

It crossed my mind to simply leave
But compelled I declare that I believe
What then does it mean to remain engaged?
How might a woman or man no more be caged?
Instead what might freedom mediate if realised?
Faith stirs burning desire a way will be materialised

Kyrie Eleison

Let’s together walk the talk pedagogy manifest
Future ways researched developed and put to the test
Will we act to defend innocent children?
Or will their blood cry out a silent siren?
How do we resist such violent sectarian hate?
Only wisdom from beyond is likely to alleviate

Kyrie Eleison


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