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Posted: March 16, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, poetry, reconfig

alone in the emptiness
are you there?
at one with the silence
are you here?

here i am
will you come?

love unfathomable
persons unknowable
god of cain and abel
are you there?

surrounded by darkness
restless in the stillness
deliver me from selfishness
will you come?

lost without presence
filled with the meaningless
teach me (no)thingness
Wisdom come

here in the taciturn
now strangely warmed
my heart does burn
false self succumbed

nailing (de)nial

Posted: November 14, 2012 in @SCRiMiE, ACACiA, poetry, reconfig

delineate difference enabled
embrace reconciliation renovate centre
new day old ways together navigate unknown
imagine cruciform k e n o t i c culture daily chapatti
anticipate heavens bread await intervention cathedra
lean into difficulty transcend disfunction renegotiate normal

decode healing paradigm division disabled
envision unknown innate pathways reconnoitre
negative perspective choose death or life crackdown
i we you me desire just words of peace do you know obligati
alleviate community distress re-couch shared f u t u r e exedra
lament sectarian d e n i a l distraction denied default catechismal

© acacia @SCRiMiE all rights reserved 2012

Corrymeela Qs

Posted: October 31, 2012 in poetry, reconfig

Community connections
Distracted distraction
Unspoken relation?

What are our questions?

Corrymeela infertile
Future denial
Shared dementia?

Account Deficit
Governance vacancy
80K or leadership?

Networked relationship
Cross-dressing Alastair
Feline disaster?

Roel purpose
Freedom chosen
Lotus rose?

What are our questions?

Vision mission
Strategy strategic
Culture toxic?

Wisdom discerned
Future hope
Faith led?

Elephant present
Awareness absent
Wisdom latent?

Fear Not
Story tell
Practice silence?

What are our questions?

Elijah Jack
Working hard
Not smart?

Missional priority
Vernacular clunky
Other equity?

Networked memory
Mini-skirts stranded
Stories stewarded?

Micro Projects?
Astute conjuring
Meaningful connection?

What are our questions?

An open village still your heart

A place to see in part

Together invoke synergy of our parts

Transform our minds heal our hearts


Anticipating reconciliation enabled living in order

Alive in mimesis the wholly other

The way abeyant rivalry with others

Transcend our innate given religious (dis)orders


Anatopistic signs a kenotic power flow

Apocalypse desired freedom all might know

Talking heads resound but no-one knows

Taciturnity embraced wait (be)fore wisdom flows