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(re)form now and not yet form

Posted: April 30, 2013 in @SCRiMiE, poetry
don’t tell me show me politic
issue and action not infinite distraction
pattern democratic dialogue not schismatic sophistic
shared future modeling broad grassroots connection
cross old boundaries transform fractal compensation
don’t tell me show me politic
space shared is shared space duplication
pattern spiritual capital not polemic rhetoric
reform present structure blue print revision
don’t know how dig old wells
spells of fear invoke violent collision
stories of hope ring these bells
don’t tell me show me politic
love and faith form filled in
pattern deep humility leadership within civic
society needs structure delineate liminal within
soul damage reality pain fettered history
don’t tell me show me politic
bow not bound past narrative transparency
pattern i/we democracy new leadership synergic
no surrender mantra reconfigure role supplanter
open our heart eyes that see
desire other politic division healing encounter
don’t tell me show me politic
know the issue is not structural
pattern a table laid presence demonic
shared future reality brutal fact paradoxical