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imgres As a family, we were down in Sussex over the weekend spending time with our best friends. Whilst there, I read a newspaper in which a local baptist minister was giving his reasons for standing as a UKIP candidate in the next elections. His reasons were really two fold. Firstly, he feels that UKIP will will help restore the UK to being a ‘Christian Nation’ and secondly he feels that the UK needs to be protected from a ‘bleak and intolerant Europe’.

Quite honestly, I am baffled! On his first point, my agreement lies entirely with Rowan Williams, who this week stated that the UK is post-christian. That is not to state that the UK does not have many christian principles under-girding its laws and organisational structures, it surely does. But that doesn’t make this a Christian Nation. The UK is, at best, a nation in which the majority of people…

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  1. Interesting points. I am an atheist living in Nothern Ireland, and we have a very…..politically skewed perception of religion here. It’s almost just a badge rather than a personal belief.

    I have always used the phrase “faith is the most powerful human emotion, blind faith – the most dangerous” I think living in a country which has many recognised faiths is to societies benefit, the community ethic that arises from followers of religion is of great value, however for a western nation to attempt to ally itself, or cling to one religion as an ethos, is inherently narrow minded, and not just from a discrimination aspect. UKIP and parties like it are flash in the pan, there points are occasionally valid, but only temporarily. A strong Europe is beneficial, whilst the uk may feel like it does not get out what they put in, this is because Europe is weak right now. When it is strong, we will reap what we sow. To abandon Europe and it’s multiculturalism is akin to cutting off a relative because they said something bitchy at Christmas dinner. You know fine well once you simmer down and let the dust settle that you’ll hug it out later.

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