past wells watering future possibilities

Posted: February 24, 2012 in @SCRiMiE, poetry

Treacle sludge and sinking sand

Convey my sense it’s not in hand

I fear no-one is in control

Or has what it takes to stop the roll

Relentless pace building again

Terminal speed destination pain


Who will come intervene

Bring another view serene

Tis peace we practice and we seek

Where are the paths walked by the meek

I heard a voice say: find ancient wells

Dig deeper there you’ll be compelled

To walk, talk, think anew

See this puzzle from another view


Be still said she peace to your soul

Contend for this perspective parasol

Fractals from our now and immediate past

Suggest ways of being that will not last

The wells contain all that we need

Come explore their depths by cross and creed


Be still and wait, wait, wait for me

Open your eyes until you see

Walk by faith and not by sight

Let your heart eyes dwell on light

In this safe place of sanctuary

I’ll disclose to you new strategy


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