Posted: February 24, 2012 in @SCRiMiE, poetry

candor divided hearts and minds asunder
a tale told of urban twins
street wise for times either worst or best
next day headlines not yet writ
shadows cast long from days resigned
influencing present expectations
glass half full veracity
melancholy adam captive
metanoia saith the sage

all things atonement let it be
for brother other sister me
now time brings quare mobility
old boundaries negotiated
this cosmo culture challenges we
what of our values habits shared mindset
fear not the sage again submits

another’s story mine set against
at an angry road we stand
can we adopt what others prefer
will we welcome let alone love neighbours new
relational possibility awaits
at the interface of our communities
dive deep saith the sage

contend for your own authenticity
help is at hand if help you need
be the gift that is actual identity
contrast default modalities
turn the other cheek
endeavour to be as one inheritor of earth
look with heart eye seek out gifts
in the countenance of perceived enemies
hearts and minds no more undone but one
sage saith amen let it be


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