Moving on between some time and now… (rewrite)

Posted: February 22, 2012 in @SCRiMiE, development, flash

Once there were identical sisters whose names were Pandora Some Time and Sophia Now Time. Tragically in their teens the twins were orphaned when their parents were killed in an accident. Their untimely death meant that their Mother’s sister Alcmene became guardian of the girls. For what felt like a lifetime, Pandora longed for the day when they could return to their family home.

As the twins grew so did their differences.

Sophia loved to take time out so she could explore the opportunities and possibilities located within the moment even if this meant failing to do what was expected of her today.

Pandora liked to meticulously schedule her days so that she could be sure to complete her chores and fulfil her duties during which time she would dream of some day when she hoped to be free to realise her heart’s desire.

Not surprisingly these personality differences were a source of conflict, Pandora wished for some time to talk with Sophia but the time never seemed right.

One day their cousin Hercules exposed their dis-ease by questioning the girls about their differences. Pandora was overwhelmed with relief, thinking that now at last a time had come when she could speak openly with her sister.

She poured out all her frustration incoherently upon her sibling who responded defensively and in that posture struggled to listen to what Pandora was only now sharing.

Hercules watched the siblings deferred exchange unfold. Following a short time of silence he embraced his cousins and whispered to them both:

“I heard a sage once say, ‘moving on necessitates making time to perceive together the not yet possibilities of a shared future; some time hopes are within our reach when we embrace today empowered by friendship'”

“May you know wholly other strength to imagine some time manifest in the now.”

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