Somewhere or nowhere?

Posted: January 26, 2012 in @SCRiMiE

Somewhere or Nowhere

There once was a man going Somewhere. He had been travelling there for some time, on his journey he carried with him his most treasured possessions: openness; compassion; hospitality and hope.

Along the way he shared the journey with many companions. All were strangers to him when they first met and yet quickly their random encounters created the possibilities of relationship which transcends encounter.

His determination to reach his destination meant he did not take time to share his possessions with his roadside companions. One particular stranger was concerned about whether the man actually knew the directions to his destination. She was keen to help the sojourner and so pressed him about the names of other landmarks in the vicinity of Somewhere. The man resisted her attempts to assist, saying “I’ll know it when I get there! Somewhere is a place where openness; compassion; hospitality and hope belong.”

The young woman paused, before replying, “But such as these belong everywhere?”

Somewhere is nowhere but now.


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